I was shopping at Hollister at Fairview mall the other day, I found couple clothes and was going to try them on. All of a sudden a male associate opened the door thinking there was nobody inside without checking or knocking the door.

Then he quickly shuts the door because he saw me HALF NAKED. >=( Then I did not hear any apology at all, he just walked away, then I was so embarrassed so I quicked changed and decided to leave the store, during the time when I was changing back, I over heard him telling another girl associate about what happened, then they're both laughing and giggling. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW ANGRY I WAS AT THAT MOMENT, when I came out of the room I was going to see whether if he'll apologize to me when he sees me. But when I came out, nobody was outside, then when I step out of the fitting room, I realized both of them went to the cash register and went to tell them about what happened and laughing all together.

I was like WHAT THE *** is wrong with the entire store? I got so upset that I didn't even want to go up to them, I just left, never going to shop at Hollister again.

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Clifton, New Jersey, United States #817473

I shop at hollister.com and had 3 packages they got stolen from my lobby and now they said is nothing they can't do and don't want to send me the packages or give me my miner back ..one day I was shopping at They store in garden state plaza mall and I put my shopping back on the floor from with all the stuff ir shop that day and somebody stole at hollister they refuse to look at the camera saying is nothing they can't do!! Do not shot at hollister they a bad company !!!


There are plenty of privacy laws in the US that protect you in this kind of cases; you could go to a small claims claims court.

You could argue that you were embarrassed and harassed but the staff, without so much of an apology. Someone walked in on you half naked; which is against the law (and the reason they can't have cameras in the fitting rooms); though most people don't bother making a claim, but in this case like I said you were harrased and made fun of by the entire staff, including the manager who should have put those people in their place and write then up for a complain.

I realize you live outside the US, but I would highly suggest you look up you local small court claims laws, and contact a lawyer if you strongly about this instance.

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