Well this is the second time I go to this store and it seems that the people is racist I'm Mexican and I like to go there especially when they have sales going on to buy presents for family, and this time the manager Sandra she was really rude asking me if I was going to resell the items is she ***, why would I resell the items?? I don't know what kind of policy they have but is really *** are you selling or not??

In the other case Abercrombie n Fitch have better quality clothes and they never say anything even if you buy $400.00 so it is annoying to go into a store and give them business and they questioned you about if is for resell ?

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Naples, Florida, United States #604652

Some businesses have a policy about the resell of their product. It is perfectly legal to ask these questions from someone who acts as though they are a reseller.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #604567

Why don't you spend your money on somethong more important than overpriced clothes like, oh I don't know, English lessons.

to Anonymous #683406

How rude of you to say that. Just because she's mexican?

Man,you're just another one of those racists. I think she's entitled to buy whatever she wants whether you think it's overpriced or not. That's her choice.

Why don't you learn how to treat people right? :(

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