well, i am an avid hollister shopper and have bought hollister items online many times before.

but this summer i had moved to a new state and had never ordered anything online yet at my new address.

before school started i ordered new clothes from two stores, PINK victoria's secret and hollister.

i have ordered from these two sites before at my old address.

i ordered them at the same time and were expected to both arive early august around the same time.

the things from victoria's secret came right on time. but the hollister stuff hadn't. i tracked my package for hollister and it said my package was sent back. apparently it was due to a "wrong address". even though i had just moved to my new house i KNEW that i put the right address.

i exchaned many phone calls and emails with hollister and they said they do not send orders back even though hollister mixed up my address and sent it to a post office in a different city!

they sent me my money back but it only covered the prices of the clothes and not the shipping and handling prices which were about 10 dollars. so i ended up with barely 30 dollars and me chancing any further online purchaces.

i have ordered from other stores since then and everything has showed up no problem. and now that i want to buy hollister items from online that aren't sold at my store. i'm really apprehensive about buying and don't want to waste any money.

hollister, give everyone a break and get better shipping.

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