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I am a female, 42 years old and you may call me a Hollister frequent buyer. This is my third bad experience with the subject store but had to just forget about the other two because I thought they were just bad days for those kids. However, this third one was too personal and was not totally forgettable.

The cashier who rang me up acted annoyed upon seeing that there were no prices on the two long sleeved t-shirts that I was buying. She asked me, sounding like she was my mother scolding me, where I got the first shirt. Luckily the stack was just right behind me and I reached out for it and handed it to her. On the second item, she asked again with the same tone of voice but this time I felt that she is really being discourteous because she sounded like she was commanding me. She never used the word please at all and hey I am the customer here so I told her can u send somebody to check on it? She then asked another person next to her and she ran to the front to check the price. When she got back, I handed her my American express gift card and she asked me whether it was debit or credit and I told her it's a gift card...and this time she got more annoyed and returned my gift card by shoving it. She then started placing the clothes inside the bag like she was showing me how annoyed she was and again shoved the bag towards me. This time she had already gotten into my nerves and I raised my voice saying "oh my God, you really did that!????" And of course she denied it and another person came and spoke to her and she said "I'm sorry" to me.

As I was walking out, I asked another girl who the manager was because I thought he ought to know about the incident because I really felt I was disrespected and I cannot allow this to happen to anyone. It turned out that the manager was the person who came to that cashier when that event happened. I told him that he should check the camera so he can see what had transpired during that time. He said to me "I already checked it (but i doubted that he did because it was not even 2 minutes when I walked out of the cashier's area), i did not see it but it doesn't mean that it did not happen". As a customer, I was not satisfied with his action towards the incident.

I am a huge fan of Hollister and deeply concerned about it as a company because it has a great clothing line and would not want it to come down because of its poor customer service. Before writing this I was able to read several complaints against Hollister at pissed and they all boil down to poor customer serive. For the company's own good, I am hoping that actions would be taken to resolve this problem.

Here are the details of my purchase per my receipt:

Reg 002Trans 3488Date/time 2012-01-01 18:26Cashier 01542272

I do hope that this email reaches Hollister and Co.

Thank you.

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I used to work at Hollister, and we are some of the nicest people in retail. We have to deal with rude customers all day long, and we are never rude to our customers.

If you dont fit in our clothes, or you never buy anything do not come in. I have never had a customer complain about me, and Hollister workers pride themselves on being the best, and having high standards.


youre 42 and shop at hollister?


youre 42 and shop at hollister?


I do not expect anybody to believe my story but just wait until you get your own experience. However, I am glad that I was able to entertain and make somebody laugh out of my story.


I call this story bogus. None of it adds up. Thanks for the laugh and entertainment though.

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