Wareham Center, Massachusetts

I have read many reviews about people being mistreated by the Hollister Co. staff.

I find all of the employees very outgoing and friendly. I am always greeted politely when I enter the establishment and I am asked by almost every worker if i need any help or assistance. They never backtalk me or make rude comments they just make sure I'm finding everything I want. Once a very nice teenage girl (probably about 19) even walked me around the store showing me products that would look really good on me!!!

I tried on some of the clothing she suggested and everything really popped with my skin tone and hair and eyes and i was very pleased with how helpful she was! She also showed me all of the really good sales and how long they were lasting and I saved a lot of money!

I am always very satisfyed with the behavior of the workers and I am astonished at the attitude and actions of some of the workers I have read about. I hope the workers at your Hollister locations get an attitude adjustment, or better fired!

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