I went to hollister in foxhills mall culve city and i have about 40 clothes in my hand so i ask this lady if i can put it on the back with her while im still looking for more cloths! And she told me they dont hold items at the back?

Im was not asking her *** *** to hold it! I ask her if i can put it there so that i can look some more to buy? Aint that ***? They dont even have a bag to put your stuff?

They need to work on this though!!

Geeeez. They need better customer service!

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So because she was doing her job and following company policy, she's a "typical dumb blonde"??? You are far worse than anyone in that company for being so ignorant and rude, shame on you.


Just to clear the air. Lol they aren't allowed to hold anything in the back because they do switch cashiers a lot.

So if you are done shopping in the store and there is another cashier and they put up all of your clothes...

THEN you would be a pissed off customer. It's just policy, I'm sorry for your inconvenience but employees just follow the rules!


It seems like there was a communication problem there. From reading what you asked her it sounded like you were asking her to hold the items while you went and shopped in other stores in the mall.

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