17 yr old daughter saved up summer money to order new school clothing. Ordered online at the beginning of Sept.

Got an email saying that she had insufficient funds. Order was cancelled Checked with bank - Hollister had taken the money. Called and was told account would be credited. Order was re-submitted.

Shipping was waived because of the mistake. Same thing happened again and the original money taken had not been credited. Now she was owed for 2 orders - $169.00. Called again.

Was told I would have to email. They don't handle complaints by phone. What kind of customer service is this!! Emailed.

Was asked to send in bank statement showing that Hollister had taken the money. Did this. Finally heard back last week that they would credit the money in 3- 5 business days. Day 6 contacted them again by email- No one will call me!!

to say that the money had not been credited. Received email saying that they had done their part and I would have to take it up with my my bank. I have sent 2 emails now asking them to please send me a copy of the transaction showing that they had credited my account.

Can not get a response from anyone.

Help...they are stealing money from children. What a horrible company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hollister Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $169.

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Yeah it's a typical retail company. It always happens, that is why I purchase in the store.

Take it to the bank and tell them about the incident. What they will do is charge Hollister for the money. I use to work for a retail store, and the Bank has the power to get your money back with your receipt, email, and bank statement.

Don't worry you'll get your money back. They wouldn't steal your money, they can get sued.

Hypoluxo, Florida, United States #727522

They are not "stealing money from children" It was one child and wasn't a theft but a screw-up. You should always let your bank handle fraudulent or mistaken charges. They have more clout, time, and patience.

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