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I really hate this website. and they should be shutdown. im writing this complaint as I wait on hold to speak to my bank. HollisterCo has given me nothing but problems. This is my second order, and I should have known better.

On my first, the company sent me the complete opposite item from what I ordered. After calling them several times to figure out the best solution to get the right order, I was was given several different less than savory suggestions. Finally, a customer service rep decided that maybe it would be best if I go in person to the store to exchange. btw I was never allowed to speak to a manager over the phone, because they claim managers are not trained to take phone calls. Anyway, I go down to the store, and they gave me a hard time exchanging because the item that they sent me was not on the receipt (obviously, because it wasnt what I had ordered) after alot of attitude on the staff's part and manager I was able to exchange. But they acted like they had done me a favor. So that was my first experience.

This time I made a purchase on Tuesday morning, hoping for it to go out that day. No such luck. On Wednesday, I received an email saying my order was on hold because the card had been denied. Meanwhile, the money has already been deducted from my account. I call my bank and they tell me that hollister has my money. Hollister keeps telling me that the card is still being denied. or they will tell me that everything is fine and my order will ship. something different every phone call. by friday, now my order has been cancelled and my money is gone, $110.

This is just unacceptable. they have the worst policies, that are designed to protect themselves, whether they are right or wrong. With these guys, the customer is always wrong! I hope they somehow go out of business!

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same thing happended to me

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