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I love Hollister clothing, so I thought it would be nice to do most of my christmas shopping online this year. I spent over 500 dollars on Hollisters website, and then 2 days later they cancel my order for reasons that were not even what it was posted for.

I called customer service and all she kept saying was that I had to ''email'' hollister to resolve it. THEY DONT HAVE A FREAKIN CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER???? U HAVE TO EMAIL??? What a joke.

Well its been 3 days, and still no email. To top it off, the money was taken out of my account and they say it hasent been. The girl didnt even sound old enough to have a *** checking account. So I was going to call the corporate office, but from reading about other people that have, it sounds just as useless too.

SOOOOO, What does anyone recommend doing next>?

Surely a big company like that cant just take your money and then not give you what u PAID for. Any tips?

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Call 1-866-426-1285. I did not receive my order.

I called and they said it was delivered a month earlier, 4 days after I placed it. The customer service girl put in to re-send my order and for a refund for everything that was no longer available. It stinks I just didn't get my stuff but who says it wasn't stolen from my porch, it's the season!

What else could I ask for from them? I'm thankful, so good-luck.


Just call your bank and dispute the charges. They will issue you a refund and you never received the items so that is reason enough.

You might consider a paypal account if you don't have one already for additional back-up.

I order online a lot! Good luck



I suddenly received an email from Hollister and they said my order is being held because my payment card is declined...but I paid the order with gift card, so it sounds doesn't make sense for me. Then my sister told me they are trying to trick me.

She said if I call in, they will ask me several questions to examine me like a criminal, because they might suspect I was trying to reselling their stuffs, and later will block all my purchase in future.)

I didn't call in and asked the representative to cancel my order. BUT!!They charged my gift card and didn't refund to my gift card after the cancellation. One representative said they won't charge me if the package not yet ship out, but there is no more balance in my gift card~WTF~then I contact another representative again...this time he told me the money will refund to my Gift card within 24 hours.

What make me so mad is, It had been a week but I still haven't get my money back...I wil never, never purchase from their store anymore(A&F,hollister and GC,ETC.) Their customer services sucks!I just want my $300 back!!!!!


I refunded items with tags attached, unworn and with original receipt. HOLLISTER REFUNDED MONEY TO SOMEONE ELSE'S ACCOUNT.




They took my 560 and no clothes no email no response nothing... I was waiting all day long for my stuff than i enter my order name and says cancelled but no reason!

But they took my money i called the number i found after several researchs on google because theres no mumber online and the girls said that i have to wait a week to get my money back!!!

And they will not accept orders from me, or someone else on my address? Is that allowed?


If you have a printout of your credit/debit receipt showing the time and date of the purchase (it WILL say HOLLISTER.COM) then you have your proof. Mail them a photocopy and say the next correspondence they will receive will be a lawyer suing them for fraud.

Thats a heck of a lot more than a $500 refund. They're not going to risk it. Just keep calm on the phone and let the b*tchy lady know that they will be receiving your photocopy (buy delivery confirmation so if you do have to sue them you have a record of them receiving it).

I've never been screwed over by this company financially, and I LOVE their clothes, but good heavens their store employees are rude. It's cool though, good luck trying to get more than a part time minimum wage gig at Hollister with that attitude ladies =)


Don't try to get a price adjustment. They only give it to you if it is with in the 14 days and you purchased it at original price.

They have this figured out that this will never happen. So, I had to drive to the store and return the item, then purchase the item at the cheaper cost.

If they had good customer service the young lady from customer service would have done it for me. I just returned my $200 order.


same here, they canceled my order third time. I don't know the problem. Customer service sucks, just making you listen to *** music till you get tired of it.


same here, they canceled my order third time. I don't know the problem. Customer service sucks, just making you listen to *** music till you get tired of it.


Im in the same mess as you!!!! Merry freaking Christmas!


all same situation, me tooooooooo!They charge me 300 more. NO email respond and i mailed than several times.So angry!!!

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