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The ONLY reason I go into Hollister is to buy my son clothes..

The lighting in there is so ridiculous.. You can barely see anything.

On top of that.. the music is so loud you can barely hear yourself think or hear people speak.

Today, I went there to buy my son some jeans. I laid my phone down to look at jeans and i look over 2 minutes later and my phone was missing. Someone stole my phone so fast. Well, i go to the manager and ask if they can turn the music down so i could call it and hear it ring. They tell me that they have NO CONTROL OVER THE MUSIC? They can't turn it down or turn it off.... its programed like that. WHAT IF THERE WAS AN EMERGENCY?! That is so ridiculous.. they can't even hear people on the phone when a customer calls there. & they have no control over it? That needs to change.... something serious might happen in there and the music will be blaring. So on top of all of this, I CANT FIND A PLACE ON THEIR WEBSITE TO COMPLAIN?

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Really? I don't believe you're a manager at Hollister..

Because that's the most unprofessional comment i've ever read. & so your saying people that buy your clothes are empty human beings?

No manager would down their own company online.... you're an ***.


I work for Hollister as a manager. And before you jump on a band wagon, like ALL the customers I have to deal with.

Understand, THE MANAGERS ARE THERE TO MANAGER THE STORE. PROTECTING MERCH FROM GETTING STOLEN, MAKING SURE 85 EMPLOYEES GET BREAKS, FILLING OUT PAPER WORK EVERY 20MINS, HELPING *** CUSTOMERS THAT CAN'T DO PERCENTAGES, AND MAKING SURE THE STORE LOOKS GOOD, BECAUSE IF IT DOESN'T WE GET YELLED AT BY THE DM.If you've worked in retail you would know every company is different, HOLLISTER is very different. You don't like the rule, don't shop there. If you that empty of a human being, that your child MUST have a 39.90 shirt well you're pretty dumb.

sorry you had got phone stolen, but that's what pockets are made for.

Its not the employees fault the music is loud, we no say, or control over the store image. We honestly DON'T!

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