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My boyfriend ordered seven shirts for me, and he had them shipped overnight. When we opened the box, one of the shirts was missing. We called and complained, and it took them a few days to 'resolve' the problem. Now they claim that another one is being sent out, but I have not yet received it, and I don't think they used overnight shipping.

Before the first package even arrived, my boyfriend placed another order with them for another overnight delivery. This box was supposed to have two pairs of pants, two hoodies, and two shirts in it, but one of the pairs of pants was missing! When we flipped the shipping statement over, we actually saw where the employee marked off each item as he/she found them, and one of the pairs of jeans was obviously missing the check mark.

My boyfriend was really upset, so he called again, and asked to speak to a supervisor - the employee said that it was their policy that managers did not take phone calls. They said it would take a few more days of investigation before they would resolve the problem with the jeans.

I love Hollister's clothing, but this is ridiculous! Their shipping dept. obviously can't handle orders with more than a few items - this certainly can't only be happening to us!

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ordered a package a sent it to my dorm. Then on fedex, it said it was sent to the wrong address, so they're sending it back to the merchant -.- I have 2 more weeks left at my dorm and this weekend is a 3 day weekend so everyone's off saturday to monday!

After reading this and many other sites, I'm freaking out because I don't think I'll ever get my package i e-mailed them but I doubt they'll do anything for me. Does anyone have any possible solutions?

West Lebanon, New Hampshire, United States #228541

I had bought two shirts and a pair of jean shorts right before school this year.

I had also just moved so I had a new address.

The package NEVER came. Hollister apparently wasn't given the "right address" even though i gave the exact address to american eagle and that package came no problem.

The package was even sent to the wrong post office, in a completely different city!

It was sent back and Hollister said they didn't send packages back...

I love Hollister but HATE the fact that I'm chancing any purchase...

It's worked everytime before at my old address, this is ridiculous...


Have you tried the better business bureau?

Maybe the federal trade commission will have an idea of who you can talk to.

call you local news channel, the consumer helpers, or your local newspaper, you might be surprised how that may change their response.

I have had this issue and others with this company and I know all too well that they don't care what parents are pissed off about, because I'm sure they know that we will still take our kids there for the things they want so they feel like they fit in at school.

I would be more than happy to compile a list of compalints from everywhere out there and call a friend of mine at the newspaper and to the local news.

Let me. know.


I completely agree with everything negative said about Hollister and A&F, including the statement about the kid being the one hurt.

I have "banned" the store twice and took my daughter there yesterday.

I think it's time that we all pass around an Internet plea to boycott and just tell the kids that they will have to shop at American Eagle.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #76860

Im surprised that you was even able to reorder after nov 2008 i ordered for my son a jacket that was too small from sister company A&F.I returned it but to have another one here by his birthday I had to go ahead an oder another one.They didnt credit my account for the return jacket til they had the jacket back or so they said.I returned the jacket and ordered the new size and on my credit bill statement not only did i not get the credit for the jacket return i was charged another jacket so in total i was charged for 3 jackets for a total of over 350 dollars.when i emailed to complain and called I kept getting the run around and finally after 2 weeks they got it straight but since making a complaint I seem to have my name blackballed from ordering..even if i order with a differnt credit card it will take the order send you a email confirmation but when u go to track the order in a day or two you see where it was reason no explanation and no email to say as such.when i did call several months ago they stated it was because i had question a charge on them at the sister company...I think this is totally unfair and ridulous when one can not voice a complaint esp when it is money that is owed back to them to no fault of their own.I can go in the store and spend money with no problem but online i cant and nearest store is over an hour.I would never spend money there again but its my 14 yr old son is the one that is hurt by this

I dont know who to call or what to do.I have email them again for this latest order try was just a week ago.Im looking for a number to talk to someone ther at holister.if anyone knows that please post


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