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I ordered online from Hollister and I am a fairly small size but not as small as the models. I ordered my regular sizes and EVERYTHING was too big!!

like huge! everything looked way smaller on the model so it doesn't make sense!!! I ordered a sweater in an xsmall and it said it would be a "drapey fit" which I assumed would be a bit oversized but the sweater was gigantic like a table cloth!! not pleased with any of the sizes of my items.

I ordered 7 things and only kept 2!!! Hollister is not true to size!!I ordered the rockpile sweater (too big), the McGrath beach tank, the shelter islands tank and the Hollister high waisted shorts in grey jersey fabric and denim with lace - all were too big, so make sure that you shop in store or are certain that the size will fit you because the pictures are very deceiving!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hollister Shorts.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1217837

I found that too.. I'm a 36 waist but I have to buy 34 jeans from them

Fenton, Michigan, United States #687327

i had the same problem today when i got my order today! i've been shopping at hollister since i was 13, i am now 20 & i've gotten a little bigger since then but i'm still a size 00r in their jeans & an xs in everything else, maaaybe a small or 0 if i get lucky.

but i got an order today, the jeans ALMOST fit, the 00 shorts were huge, & i compared my xs t-shirt from the purchase to an old size small shirt i have & the xs t-shirt was a good 4 inches BIGGER than the small! can you believe that? ridiculous. i knew their jeans were starting to vary in the past year due to the last two pairs i bought online but that was the best fitting thing in my entire purchase!

their sizing has for sure changed, so i'm pretty positive they've jumped on the vanity sizing ban wagon.

hopefully, companies realize how many customers they'll be losing by making sizes that are too big for them! especially hollister, they were the only brand with jeans that fit me correctly!

to Taylor Walnut Creek, California, United States #711315

Hollister is considered the teenage store. All the sizes are smaller because they are junior sizes.

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