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Hi my name is Aida Sousa, I'm a Charlotte resident and I went to the Hollister store at North Lake Mall with a Brazilian friend who is visiting Charlotte and who happens to be pregnant. My friend came to see Charlotte and to shop for gifts to take back to our friends and family in Brazil.

After gathering the articles of clothing we wanted to buy and taking them to the checkout, I was informed that Hollister only allows the customers to purchase 20 items at a time. I asked the store manager working at that time if it would be possible for me to purchase 20 items and to have my friend purchase the remaining items. There were a total of approximately 38 items. He said that was Ok.

We paid for the first 20 items, which totaled $285.38. After that, while the store employee rang up the remaining items at the register, I noticed that some shirts were coming up more expensive than what I had seen on the shelves. I asked the manager and he told me that the sign at the shelves said “$10 and up”. At that time I apologized for the mistake and said I wanted to return those shirts with the higher prices. Upon hearing this, the employee at the register became upset and changed both her tone and her attitude. As I stood there waiting, another customer came to the register, and without as much as asking me if I minded, she went ahead and rang up the other customer. I didn’t like her attitude, but I decided to not say anything about it. After she took care of this other customer, she decided to start returning my items. When she was done she went ahead with the remaining items (13 in total, in addition to the 20 items that were registered the first time). I gave her my credit card to pay for these additional 13 items and she told me that she could not take the card since it was the same card I had used to pay for the initial 20 items. I tried to explain to her that my friend was visiting from Brazil and didn’t have a credit card to use here in the US, and that she had given me the cash so I could buy using my card. Both the employee and the manager remained rude and would not agree to let me use that card. While I browsed my wallet for another card, the manager chimed in, in a rude manner, that I was going against store policy. I continued to look for my other cards and told him that this was not the proper manner to treat the customers. I felt extremely disrespected and especially frustrated considering that I purchase a lot of my family’s clothes at Hollister and Abercrombie, with annual expenditures that normally surpasses $2000.

At this point, the manager voided the items in my friend’s order and insisted that I move to the side and let another customer who had just arrived step to the front. This was very embarrassing and humiliating to me, and I told him I was not going to move because they had already moved someone else ahead of me and I wanted to have my transaction finished and paid for. He continued to treat me rudely and to tell me to move away, and to threaten to call the Mall security to take me out of the store!!! I still can’t imagine what would lead your manager to think that a woman accompanied by a 4 year old son and a very pregnant friend would cause any concerns from a security stand point. I am sure you have access to security cameras where you can review this incident and that will make you come to the same conclusion as me.

The manager then went ahead and returned me the items I had paid for initially and told me to leave the store. Keep in mind that the reason he had the items I had already paid for was because he told me had to check to see if I had REALLY paid for these items!!! I told him I was still interested in purchasing the remaining items, but he continued rudely to tell me that I was only going to be able to buy 20 items. I told him that I had another card I could use to pay for these items, but he continue to treat me in a very rude manner and to say that he was going to call the security to take me out of the store. I repeated several times that I didn’t understand why he was treating me as he was and I asked his name and the name of the other employee at the register, but neither would identify themselves saying that it was a security concern.

He then started to yell at me in the middle of the store, asking to see for the other credit card to see if I really had one, and to ridicule me in front of everyone else in the store. I was extremely humiliated and mistreated and to top it of, he went ahead and called the Mall security to come take me away from the store. When the security came and after I continued to insist, he finally gave me the store number and his employee number. They are respectively: Store # 30295 Employee # 01854824. I see from the receipts that the other employee in question is Employee # 01894574. At that point the Mall security escorted me out of the store and out of the Mall.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hollister Customer Care.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #679279

Something close to this happened to me amiga, I hate this brand the employees are rude and the costumer service is the worst.


Go to McDonalds and buy your 20 limit hamburgers and stuff your mouth shut bullshitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bensalem, Pennsylvania, United States #621758

Why should any store have a limit unless the prices are at a price so low someone could resell at a higher price? Any store should be glad to move merchandise. :x

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