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I ordered 4 items from Hollister's website, received 3 of the 4. Called the day I received order and was told that they would be shipping the missing item. After 10 days, still hadn't received it so placed second call. Once again told the item would be shipped. After another 7 days, called Hollister again. This time was informed the item was no longer available. Yes, it was to be a Christmas gift.

It is inexcusable that I was not informed, via email or phone about not receiving this item. Had I not followed up, I'm assuming I never would have been informed. And, the charge would have remained on my credit card for an item I hadn't received.

Asked to speak to a manager to no avail. Was given an email address which, surprise, surprise, doesn't work. How are customers supposed to get satisfaction or at least an explanation for Hollister's mistakes??

I'm very dissatisfied with the lack of customer service from Hollister. Two out of the three customer service representatives I dealt with gave me inaccurate information, no communication and frankly must not know how to do their jobs correctly. Not a great record for Hollister. We've been Hollister customers for years and will be spending our money elsewhere based on this experience. Customer service is paramount. Very disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hollister Shipping Service.

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