This is quite possibly the worst retail store I have ever gone into. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Abercrombie and Fitch and all it's sister stores which includes Hollister. However, this Hollister in particular is absolutely miserable.

I went in looking for some new clothes and found a couple of shirts and pairs of pants that I thought looked cool. They didn't have my size out on the floor so I asked an associate if he could check if they had my size in the back. Turns out this associate was actually the store manager "Henry." Henry proceeded to take his sweet time to make his way to the back of the store to help me. Now i know store managers have many responsibilities that they need to take care of, but all Henry did was flirt (if you can call it that) with his female associates and take care of other things. What's even worse is that he forgot all about me! I found another associate and he actually did his job and found the right size for me. By the way, it was the associate who told me that Henry was the store manager. This shocked me because his behavior was certainly not professional at all.

It gets even worse. The girl at the counter made an honest mistake and forgot to *** one of the censors on one of my shirts. When I went to exit the store the alarm went off. Still no problem, I understand, people make mistakes. However, the glorious store manager Henry came along and basically frisked me and interrogated me like I was some criminal! Completely inappropriate and unprofessional. Even after I showed him my receipt he was skeptical of me. He checked all my other bags from the other shops that I bought stuff from that day and once I started complaining to his face he threatened to call security if I wouldn't stay put. Mind you, I had shown him my receipt, allowed him to go through my hollister bag and all my other bags! and he still needed to call security. I honestly was looking for no trouble so I waited for security and he let me go because well, I clearly didn't steal anything. I pondered all day about complaining to their corporate headquarters, but I honestly wanted no trouble. I figure that if the store is run by that clown for any longer their sales will go down and he'll get fired anyways.

I apologize for the long review, but I'm just warning you to not bring your business here ever.

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Yall are probably sucking him off in the fitting rooms.


Henry is an excellent store manager and an even better lover!


Thiis sad for one reason this lady needs to get a fuckn life lol


Henry is actually an AMAZING manager, so ***(;

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