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I recently went to the store in Pembroke Pines florida when they had the 40 percent off sale, and the store was very busy. The line for the changing rooms was out of control, I noticed on the other side of the store the changing rooms had no one there, and I asked one of the girls at the counter why they didn't have someone there with all these people.

With attitude she said that they did not have anymore people to support that changing room, even though I saw many sales people fliting around. I asked her for the manager and she said I'm the manager, and so I asked her why she had such a bad attitude and she said "because" and then stopped because she realized what she was about to say. The way the store was managed on such a busy day was horrible I saw people leaving because they did not want to stand in the line for the changing room.

If Lauren Dominguez is the manager as she indicated you guys need a new one...she has attitude and forgets who is the customer.

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