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After waiting for a few minutes in the dressing area for someone to offer me a room, I along with my sleeping baby in a stroller helped myself to the "handicap" fitting room. All of a sudden someone bangs so loud saying, "you should not be in there!" I say, "Excuse me?" That room is for handicap only!, they say.

I said, "I have a stroller, does that make a difference?" They say, "NO!, It's store policy that that room is for handicap only!" So I preceed to get dressed and when I exit I ask, "Is there a handicapped person waiting?" He states, No, and then the female employee lets me know that she'll watch my baby while I try clothes on! Since a stroller will not fit into a regular fitting room, nor will 2 people.

JUST Bizarre! They'll take on the responsiblity of "watching" strangers kids, infants, before they let them use the handicap dressing rooms?!

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BTW, why cant someone in a wheel chair wait in the Handicap line for a NON-handicap person....gezzzz handicap doesnt mean privileged..i understand rolling around in a wheel chair trying to get around can be frustrating, but not any more frustrating that dealing with a bunch of retail idiots to say the least. we all have met a few in our time....then on top of that you find out you have idiots on this forum acting like adutls can not wear hip slender fitting clothing....the idiots of this world really need to put the foot back in their mouths and give us people that do think before we speak a break....i am tired of thinking for the world.

YES U R AN ***! does talking in acronymonic encripted code forbidden for baby boomers too???

i guess we should not LOL or have BFF's either huh...what about ROFLOOAO ( that would be rolling on the floor laughing our old *** off) go back to highschool and quit telling us grown folks how to act and behave, you obviously need to socila lessons! :upset


first off, this comes late but needs to be said....if this is truly how people think "too old for hollisters?" then i hope holiisters goes out of business soon, most teems get their MONEY FROM ADULTS, and AOME ADULTS CAN STILL WEAR SLENDER fit clothing. GET OVER ourselves?

SERIOUSLY?? Adults should get over themselves?? I am an adult, and I find it har dto beelive that clothing is age specific according to age....NO!! If you were not so freaking idiotic and selfish your dang self, you would read the labels that COME IN ALL CLOTHING!

I have neve rrad clothing to be specified for a particular age. they are sized, NOT aged! AND it is because of procreation that your little smart A$$ even is in existance let alone able to shop in these over pirces stores in the first place. SO YOU MY DEAR LITTLE BRAT, get over your self, us adults will shop and wear what ever we dang well please.

After all we can afford it and still wear it. I hope when you get to be ALL the adult ages of the folks in your life, you look as good as some of the hip ones and can still fit in those clothes. I will pray for you! ( to get a really fat *** and be WAITING behind some really slnder beautiful NICE person in line that flat refuses to let you cut in line with your ONE little item!

SO Get over your self and the rest will follow! Now sit down and shut it!


You guys are so full of yourselves. If there's a line in the bathroom and no handicapp women in there, your gunna use it.

How is it any different? And if you've never had a baby you wouldn't know how hard it is to get around. I'm a teen mom and wear hollister. How dare I?

Most of these comments are rediculous. So Cristi, I totally and 100 percent agree with you.


Oh wow if u have a child why r u shopping at hollister anyways unless u r a teen and have a kid ok so just grow up and shop at old lady shops so just get over it! :( :? :upset :eek LOL!


I think that if you're old enough to have a baby, you need to stop shopping at stores for teens. They make specific clothes for adults, wear them.

I'd be really embarassed if my mom wore Hollister clothing. You're an adult, wear adult clothing.


I have been in public restrooms where the only changing table is in the handicap stall. What is a mother with a baby to do then?

It is totally not safe to let a stranger watch your baby. I would never leave my kid with a random store employee.

I would probably use the handicap room too; if it was the only room I could fit the stroller. But I would of course give it up the instant a disabled person needed it.


Those rooms are larger so that disabled people can get a wheel chair in and sit while trying on clothes. They are not "family rooms" or Mother and Baby rooms. You are making a handicapped person's life even more difficult, not to mentioned preventing a handicapped person from accessing handicapped facilities.

You are truly selfish.


NO ONE CARES! You shouldnt be in a handi cap dressing room anyways like how old are you , you have a kid and shop at hollister !

i think that you need to stop thinking that your like 14 and grow the *** up! and dont complain because you shouldnt of been in the handi cap dress romm anywys !


"After waiting for a few minutes in the dressing area for someone to offer me a room, I along with my sleeping baby in a stroller helped myself to the "handicap" fitting room."

Since when does having a baby entitle you to special treatment. Oh wait I forgot your time is more valuable then everyone else's time. We all have to bend over backwards because you have a child.


no way I would go back there and shop. People with babies should have a larger stall to use.

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