I ordered 3 pairs of jeans one size bigger to be sure, which is a 3. (My autual size is a 0/1).

I pay and they arrive. I try them on and they can barely fit. What the actual ***. Am I supposed to get my jeans *** two sizes bigger?

I AM A SIZE 0/1. WHAT. THE. ***.

HOLLISTER. Did you guys purposely make your sizes bigger to lessen girls's self esteem? ***. You.

I will be going to hollister tomorrow right when the door open. THANK YOU HOLLISTER FOR HELPING ME REALIZE THAT IM FAT.


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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #699501

Their jeans do start :) out pretty tight, but they stretch out a lot


It's totally not your fault. They make the sizes so much smaller, and when they do that, they make bigger girls feel like ***.

I am an average, athletic build, totally fit, and am a size 5 in jeans. I go there to buy some, but the 5 can hardly make it up my thighs. WTF?! So does this make me fat???

So does that make me a freaking size 12 there (hahaha-oh wait, there's no such things at Hollister :P). :x

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #693284

Live and learn. Not all brands sizes run the same.

I order clothes from several catalogs and can always order the same size and they fit or else I have to make them slightly smaller. I can't buy clothes the plus size women's store where I live, because the largest size that they handle, which is the same size I order from my catalogs, is always too small.

It is a difference in brands. If you have a store where you live why didn't you go there and try jeans on?

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