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On May 23rd, I ordered 2 shirts. Within a few days, the package was lost and FEDEX had no updates. I contacted Hollister via their chat in my email. The first person I talked to said she could see the package had been lost in transit and would send another. A few days later, I notice on the email, the replacement shipment has large writing WILL NOT SHIP. So I contact them again on chat, this person tells me the order was cancelled saying it only said cancelled DUP. She told me I would have to email tracking and shipment, and THIS is where the problem started. Following is some of the correspondence:

Thanks for contacting Hollister Co. We apologize that we won't be able to issue a refund or reshipment as there is a previous history with receiving packages from us. The request for the reshipment has already been reviewed, and we are not able to do anything further regarding this package, as that decision is final. You would need to contact your local post office for further information about the status of the package. We do apologize that you are not able to get an update from the tracking information and feel that it has been lost in transit.

YounmeeCustomer ServiceHollister Co

My Response:Ok. So only one shipment was ever made, the original. Somehow I have a "history" of lost packages. The one and only shipment is never received, I have zero options. Your company can see the shipment info as well as me and can CLEARLY see the package was lost in Ohio. I live in Salt Lake City Utah. Your company can clearly see the package never made it to salt lake. I will make sure I never order from or visit another Hollister again. Thanks for such crappy business.

I am so sorry you have had an issue with deliveries of our package for Hollister Co order #20039823939.

I am going to forward your email to the proper business team. I will let them know that you are disputing that you have a "history" and that your package seems to be stuck.

In the mean time you can contact FED EX at 800.463.3339to see what is going on with your package

Please allow them 24-48 hours to respond to this email.

Thank you fro your patience while we work this out.

This is the must RIDICULOUS company to buy from. The order totaled $18 (as I bought 2 shirts on clearance). It is a joke that they don't care if their consumers are happy. To all but accuse me of stealing packages and saying I have "history" (I like how they put that in quotes too), when I am only saying one package was never received.... I will never order from this company again.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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