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I'd like to bring to your attention a service and product quality breakdown (both of these). Last week I took my mother-in-law to your store because I happened to be in the area. She bought a number of things that you can see on the first receipt that's attached. One of those things was a shirt and subsequent to the shopping experience when we got home she noticed that it had a hole in it. This week despite that I don't live anywhere close to Tri-County Mall I drove her back there to make the return and exchange. She did this in the store manager joy help her make the exchange and provided her with the shirt that is attached in the picture. As you can see the new shirt has damage at the bottom / discoloration. I called back after we noticed it when I got home and spoke with Amberlie. I was informed that there is nothing she could do to help me over the phone. What I wanted was a refund for the shirt to the credit card it was purchased on and to avoid driving back to the store and wasting additional gas money and more importantly time.

I am very disappointed that she is not empowered to help customers in this way. In the age of technology to seems very basic. I was also disappointed that there is no phone number corresponding to this email support box. This adds a lot of work for your customers and his poor service.

Additionally my mother-in-law only speaks Spanish. I feel that she has been taken advantage of. I ask for your assistance in resolving this matter as I feel my only course of action would be to drive to the store for a physical refund there by wasting gas and time and to make the experience known on social media. Since the store can't help me and you don't have a number with a person to talk to I feel this is my only alternative.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Manton, Michigan, United States #1285611

There is not one store that I know of that has in their return/refund policy who issues a refund over the telephone . It would be awesome for us consumers if they did, keeo the merchandise, call in unsatisified and get a refund issued back in checking account.

I'm sorry but Incant sympathize with you on this .

Oh, she's right, it is a store for teens and yoUng adults, have you seen the styles these days ? That shirt is one of them and it's made to look like they .

Durham, North Carolina, United States #1283693

Why is your mother in law shopping at a store for teenagers? And more importantly why is she not looking over the merchandise before she buys it?

It's awfully peculiar to have the same problem twice in a row, and then to expect the store to refund your money in full over the phone (and I'm assuming you expect to keep the "damaged" goods). Sounds like you are running a scam to me...


This is a style of shirt called "burnout", it is actually designed to look like its old.

This results in very thin areas of fabric & yes, even holes.

I knew exactly what I was looking at when I saw this picture because I have quite a few articles of clothing like this, & it looks EXACTLY like one of my shirts.

It's a trend & Hollister carries a lot of this type of stuff.

It's a chemical process, sometimes it's all over & sometimes it placed in areas that would typically wear out with heavy use. You know, that "well worn, very loved" look.

The person working there should have known this & told you that. But unfortunately a lot of employees either don't give a *** about service & are totally ignorant about what they sell. If she still has them, she can possibly unload them on eBay.

Of course, may not get a lot... I'd tell her to wear it, burnout clothes are IN.

;-) Check google for some info on this, if you're interested. It's kind of interesting (for a nerd like me anyway).

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