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I went to hollister and bought a couple shirts that were XL.i am a normal XL sized male from any ordanary store and when i tried on the clothes, They were so small i couldnt even breath.

Hollister shouldnt have clothes for just swimsuit/muscle dudes. Hollister should have a plus sized section for the overweight hollister fans. i think this is not right. hollister would make a fortune for a plus sized section and someone should do something about this!

Give this a shout out to all of the plus sized hollister fans.MAKE HOLLISTER MAKE PLUS SIZED COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Make them make a plus size? Someone should make you lose weight aye? Fair is fair.

to Anonymous #1090688

It has nothing to do with someone being overweight.The fact is Hollister XL shirts are at best a medium.

I'm XL not because I'm overweight, but because I lift weights.I like their styles, but I can't wear them because they only target twinks.


I'm a 5'8" guy and I'm very built, I lift weights everyday and Many of the shirts are much to small.An xxl stretches to fit shoulders, and the sleeves squeeze my biceps.

I agree with the "larger" people cause I used to be overweight.

And I also sympathize for those who are extremely skinny.But they should have a line that is "bigget" than the others.


*** people, seriously....wtf lol.Of course they only cater to thinner people.

I mean I agree that if they made bigger sizes, they would probably make more money.

Also, I've seen bigger people wear these name brand clothing and its tight as *** on them lol.***, if they can get away with it, others probably can, too.


fat ***...


I disagres. I think they should make smaller clothes. My swimsuit is an xs andits way too big for me

to Liv #853399

well maybe you should go back to shopping at a kids store...

to Liv #1061034

Liv, start eating a bit honey.

Maumelle, Arkansas, United States #806950

Hollister shirts are way too small.I ordered some polo style shirts in XL and they fit like a medium.

I can only assume that the XXL would fit like a large. I have absolutely no problems with their jeans.

They fit fine and a 34/34 is exactly that.The shirts on the other hand...


Or your just way way way way way to big

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