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I would like to inform the hollister company of a fragrance you guys recently discontinued, Addision By hollister.. In my own opinion i think that was one of the best fragrances.

In my experience purfume has been a hard thing for me to find.. being picky on what i like, it was hard to find a smell i could go with until i had discovered addision.. i had smelt the new one in replacing addison but it dosent compare to addision i feel that it was a mistake discounting it from the market.. I'm sure people would agree.

In great appreciation it would he nice to have Addision back up in the market.. And as a result in Good Company Mangement to know how other customers feel about your products and what Hollister discontinues..

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss hollister addison perfume. Hollister needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I agree 100% what a huge mistake I had a tiny bit left and now it’s gone and can’t teplace it it was the best perfume hollister had and still is they shouldn’t had taken it away there other perfumes honestly suck


I actually can't believe it's not continuing it was one of my best perfumes I ever had. I'm really disappointed, please put them back on !!!


Yessss honestly i haven't found one that compared to that scent it was so perfect

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain #1218789

I feel the same! The best scent they had, misterious and sweet at the same time. I propose to email them and ask them for the perfume again and again and again!


I agree completely, Addison is amazing! I would love for it to be back in the shops, it's the best fragrance I have ever bought there! (Along with the Sadie perfume they discontinued)


I absolutely love that perfume and I can't believe they discontinued it. I sent them an email asking for the reason. Maybe if lots of people message them we can achieve something...?

Plainview, Texas, United States #1163223

I feel th same way. I cant explain how amazing the smell and how it would remain in my shirts for a long time. I really am disappointed that I wont be able to buy it anymore.

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