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OK so I've never been much of a Hollister fan to begin with. But I still Do wear there clothes because they are what's "in" for my age group.

I've always felt very intimidated when I walk into the store because they only want " beautiful and skinny" people wearing there clothes. I'm not unattractive nor , per say, fat but I'm not beautiful or a size zero either. But back to my point I have a lot of bad personal experiences in Hollister... some involve me and some are things I've seen that have made extremely mad.

But there is one experience that stands out from rest. So I shop at the Hollister in the Battle Field Mall in Springfield, MO. I don't really like it much but its the only store near me. So me and my mother had gone into because I was looking for some new shirts.

My mother normally waits outside be there was already quite a few people in the chairs Hollister provides (right outside the entrance) and at the benches in front of the store so my mother decided to come in with me. well after looking around for a while I had a found a cute sweater and a t shirt. There was a sign in front of the sweater that had said "sweater sale $25." And the tee shirt I had found was on clearance for $10 and they wear taking 60% clearance items ( Already marked down) and I thought this was a good deal seeing it would only cost $4 dollars! so when I went to check out I had figured that I would be spend about $29 dollars without tax and considering I had brought $40 I knew 11 would be way more than enough for tax.

when I got inline there was only one person in front of me. The lady that was actually checking out was Hispanic and had two children. one of which had down syndrome and he was a little chubby and was probably about my age (13) and was holding a blanket. I thought nothing of it until I saw two workers ( on male and one female ) look at the child and laugh!

And then he proceeded to look at the mother and say while still laughing the child " Isn't he a little to big to be carrying around a blanket?" I was outraged at the workers but what made me even more infuriated was that the mother didn't do anything about it! she paid and left! I then had to wait another ten or fifteen minutes to check out because only one register was open and the other two were closed while a whole group of workers did nothing but sit around and talk. When I finally got to the register the lady wrung my thing up ( without really even acknowledging me) and told me the total was over $48 dollars!

I had said that the sign said that the sweater was $25 dollars but she said it was a forty dollar sweater.

I had really had enough and just left. I haven't an experience that bad since then but I'm still definitely disappointed with Hollister and there workers.

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Hollister employees don't receive commission


Rude. You know, when they get hit by a car, or their kids have mental disabilities as well, you wonder why.

they need to stop this attitude, well, actually, they don't exactly have to, but you're supporting this type of behavior by shopping there. You can't exactly complain either because YOU didn't defend them, so you're just as bad as them. Sorry sister, you try to make it sound like you don't have a choice but to shop there, but there is always a choice.

You're supporting them, and the workers. You just gave them commission.

to beautifulgorgeous Neosho Falls, Kansas, United States #697428

Hey honey, next time you post a comment make sure you have you're facts right. I didn't give them commission considiring I didn't buy anything :/ @ beautifulgorgeous

to beautifulgorgeous #697432

Okay honey, next time YOU post a comment at least make sure you have your facts right. I didnt give them commission considering i didnt buy anything :/

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