I was billed twice at the debit machine, nearly two months later we still not recieved money back. I knew as soon as it happened, but the cashier said she couldn't see it. I called as soon as I got home, no problem they said, send our bank statement showing double billing. So we did, week after week, 3 weeks later we are told it will take up to 21 buisness days.

We continue to get call centre staff who are all "SUPERVISORS" when asked to speak with a manager.

They have said that they have record of reinbursing us, we need to take it up with our bank. Maybe we will have a better response now that our bank is investigating it.

Do not shop at Hollisters unless you can afford to pay twice!

Monetary Loss: $130.

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O; that suks ! :x


I too was billed twice. The clerk was supposed to reverse a debit card purchase but didn't.

They've owed me $80.29 for over a month and still can't get their act together. You can't talk to ANYONE, and must deal with them through E-mail. I wonder if this is business as usual...

how many people haven't caught on to the fact that they've been cheated? Hollister is probably raking in the bucks with this scam.

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