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I wanted to buy 3 items at the Hollister store in Cardiff, to my astonishment even though there were multiples of each item on display none of the items were available to buy. Why display clothes that customers are not able to purchase?

I questioned the staff and they were very apologetic but obviously embarrassed by your policy. It made me feel that I was only allowed to buy the average garments on the floor, the nice stuff was not for ordinary people! I have never experienced this before in a clothes shop.

I was also made to wait in line for a long time whilst only one shop assistant was working, the others were there just to look good but were no help. I did not feel they valued our custom.

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Arkansas City, Kansas, United States #1185299

Sometimes the stores get the display clothes before the shipments of regular store items. They probably just had to wait a few days or a week longer for the actual clothes to come for the store to put it out for people to buy. Its not uncommon.


you are not allowed to sell items on manicans because they have been stre :zzz chted and hole rittled to fit and hold on the manicans which is also why they say NOT FOR SALE

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