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okay so i have applied to a few hollisters already for all positions and have yet to get any. i feel like im either too fat or too ugly because all the workers need to be anorexic and perfect skin.

i mean WTF?! and they talk in their interview about no discrimination. yea whatever. what a bunch of lying sacks of ***.

they should close down hollister.

i mean seriously, around here [So Cal] in the hollister you don't see any "fat" people for should i say double 0 girls and i dont see girls with "effed" up faces. so WTF?!

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Your lack of education is what caused them to not hire you. Learn to write a proper review. You sound uneducated.

First Born Triplet

I like it don't get the job play the discrimination card.


They're def not discriminating. I work at hollister and all my coworkers are Asian,African American,Polish,Venezuelan ,Tall,short, I'm around size 7 in pants and my height is not the best I'm 5'4.

Where do you think all the models from the bags are from.

Obviously from stores. There's other store you can apply but if you don't know how the process works don't judge because not all stores are the same if you refer as "hollister" all in general


What a bunch of stuck up people who may have the outward looks but are very ugly inside. Wouldn't want to be surrounded by those kinds of people anyway. look at all these lovely employee commenting, they just make me want to shop there so bad!

Hollister needs to really reconsider who they hire.

San Francisco, California, United States #697435

besides, don't they just call the people who work at the front of the store "models"?? LOL, don't kid yourself ***.

And how much do you want to bet that all these models wear 100 lbs. of makeup. I'm gorgeous, athletic, and turned down a job at Hollister even though they wanted me. If you really look at the so-called "pretty" people that work there, trust me, they're not that impressive.

I totally agree with all of Frenchie's comment. Do you know what I'm doing now???

I get to meet with Gavin Newsom. Did I cry over Hollister and their minimum wage job-come on.

San Francisco, California, United States #697430

Don't worry, there are plenty of other companies who will love you. Hollister just has skinny blondes, and douche-bag guys who work there at minimum wage.

OOOOOH!!!!!! I'M SOOO JEALOUS!!!!!! Puh-lease. They just take advantage of idiots who shop there-not that you are an ***, but why waste your time?

Their b.s. line saying that they don't discriminate is just part of the little script they read to you. You're not good-looking, so first of all, why did you, again, waste your time with them? It's their business, they could do whatever they want because of the dumb *** customers who think they're getting a good deal on piece of *** clothing.

Yeah, pssh, what's the chance that those workers actually become models? Hey, for you people that defended Hollister, how many of you guys actually make it to a decent-paying modeling career?

Or is that the bs they tell you to help you sleep better at night? :P


i am a model there and they need to keep up with their look because a lot of the employees get promoted to being models. they wont close it down just because they wont hire you, you're just upset that they don't want you.

there are plenty of other clothing stores you can try though...

but dont diss my store please! :grin


You're just mad that you didn't get hired. They don't hire fat/ugly people because they are also a modeling company.

And they want you to look the part. Just get over it and find a different job that doesn't care what you look like. I work at Hollister and I have very acne prone skin, am short, and I'm Asian.

So I don't think they discriminate. :roll

to Anonymous #692603

very true! i work there too!! :grin

Troy, Michigan, United States #661554

You sound *** and bitter. Just cause you didn't get a job there does not mean only anorexic girls with perfect skin will get hired.

I take this personally because I worked there for a year and a half. And guess what, I'm a size 5 and by no means have perfect skin or a perfect body.

Maybe its your ignorance and bitter outlook on things that isn't getting you hired. Rethink how you go about things, not how a very successful store runs.


close down Hollister? ain't nobody got time for that!


:x :( :cry :? :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :p 8) ;) :grin :)


@ Relative of Hollister Employee: Hiring someone because they are good looking for the branding is ILLEGAL. And comparing Hollister and NASA is a bit of stretch, don't ya think?


Every single comment sounds like it came from someone with an IQ of 20, so let me break it down for you retards. Of course hollister is going to descriminate.

Have you ever been in one before? It's dark as ***, over priced, and the smell is over powering. Now, look at the employees when you go in. It's mostly blonde air heads who are going no where in life, or guys who are secretly ***.

I stopped shopping here while I was in college.

The clothes are of *** quality and so are the employees. Work for a company with a good background and benefits, not some bimbo outlet.


Um no they don't discriminate. I'm not a size 00 or a 0 or even a 1.

I'm a size 3. I'm not anorexic looking, I'm short 4'11 not super model tall and they hired me.

I loveworking there. I'm pretty sure you haven't been to all the hollister stores on earth so don't start talking without knowing all the facts.


I got hired at hollister and I'm black..


I got hired at hollister and I'm black..


My sister works in Hollister but she earned it. She is pretty though and thin but she has a really nice personality.

When they say pretty they don't just mean o the outside. They mean on the inside too you know? She told me what they asked when they interviewed her and they asked normal questions like What qualities do you have that may benefit Hollister. The only reason you have to be good looking is because that is what the branding wants.

Maybe it is a little bit wrong to hire certain types of people but I'm sure there are many other places you could work anyway.

It's like saying 'NASA only hire smart people' and getting all p**sed about it but there's a reason to why they hire certain people so go work somewhere else. Maybe you're just not the 'pretty' they're looking for :)


Judging from your spelling and grammar maybe it is because of your first grade level of education? I mean if you cannot construct a proper sentence that is the real reason you were not hired and that is not discrimination.

You just were unqualified and are using that as an excuse. GROW UP.


:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x :( :cry :? :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :roll :p 8) ;) :grin :)

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