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I returned two pairs of shorts 0n 8-22-2011 and didn't receive refund yet.

reg 002, trans# 6713 date 2011-08-22 time 16:45 cashier# 01541589, store 30384. can someone please look into this and get back to me asap.

thank you

Lisa (401) 919-0246

I have tried on several accounts to contact the web site and the store, and one has been able to help me. I would appreciate a response and or a credit. I have been very patient, until now, it has been almost a month. please look into this matter. Its important.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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You take your bank statement back to the store you were supposed to get your refund from, along with your receipt. i used to be a manager in retail.

try to find the cashier who did the refund, and also talk to the general manager of the store. you musttt demand this.

then, show your proof and DEMAND the money back. the general manager shouldd permit a cash refund back to you.

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