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He ignored us while he held a loud, personal conversation with the cashier next to him. He was so slow while he processed our purchase (only 4 items mind you) and completely ignored us.

I called him on it, and told him to pay attention. Then he got a snotty attitude. He took my credit card and said that HE had to swipe it. He didn't fold any of the clothes before putting them in the bag.

He basically threw the bag at us. Our order was interrupted at least 3 times by another employee who kept coming back to the cash area to complain/chat/wish for some guidance. NO manager in sight, no one cared about the line.

WE spent $100 to be treated like *** by some *** jock who is in dire need of trainng in customer service and manners.

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Other Location, New York, United States #716145

At Hollister and Abercrombie, they DO have to swipe your card, and then enter information off of it. However annoyed he may have been by you making a rude comment, he was doing his job by swiping your card.

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