Unfortunately my daughter likes the clothes in this shop however I hate it with a passion. Like all other comments here mine in no different.

Today 8 th June I visited the store the *** to pay was over 15 mins and no body had thought about putting anyone on on the 2 empty tills. I asked a girl stacking bags if she could open the till- if it wasn't for a present for my daughter I would have walked out. The response was " I've been told I have to stack bags"! So I asked for her to go and get the manager ( Mia - who also told me they dont give surnames out! OMG this store is so negative) who arrived and said they didn't have any trained staff! The staff were very rude, immature and started standing in corners talking about my plain and simple request to get at least a basic level of service going? As I walked out a very rude dark haired girl who was standing with the manager shouted a rude comment as I walked out. Great service again from this store who quite frankly seem unable to train staff on even the basic levels of service. Hollister you really don't deserve to be in business- Urban Outfitters and Topshop/ River Island train their staff to get queues moving and a polite service going you are miles behind. Thereby making the experience a great one to want to return!

Other items like other comments here have been:-

-Displaying items that are old stock and not being able to sell them!

- staff who don't know where items are in the storeroom and don't know if other sizes are available

- the space in store is close together especially at the pay desk. You can't see sizes because its o dark.

- changing rooms - I have been told many times I'm not allowed in with my daughter she's 11! This is not acceptable. There are never enough changing rooms and queues just gather volumes of people.

- clothes quality is poorer than 2 years ago with many purchases having small holes in.

A terrible experience which Hollister should be ashamed of. You lot a very good customer and I hope others vote with their feet also.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #706675

ok first off,

regardless if what we have on display is old we still cannot sell it because its been streched and whole riddled to fit the manicans which is why the tag says NOT FOR SALE.


like the other person said we do tend to hire alot of people and many are under trained but with all the clothes we end up going through and how often we change do you honestly think were going to know where everything is and if we have the size we actually have to go look for it to know. even our write ups sometimes dont have a location for items when we look them up via computer


this is one of our top complaints its to dark and the musics to loud. do you honestly think we control that its mandated by the company and how the store is to be presented. dont blame the messangers for the senders faults. 90% of the employees im sure agree with the too dark and loud bit but we cant do a thing about it.

and last,

they were in the wrong not letting you in a fitting room as long as your a parent and dont look like your obviously going to steal then you are allowed in there with your child

have a good day


I hope you can read this man.

I have had very bad experiences with this company in the past, and I have written to their district managers, regional managers, and HR departments. All they have ever said is sorry and offered me a coupon for 20-40% off, which is not what I wanted at all, I just wanted those at fault to be punished.

Having worked on retail for so long I can tell you that that is not the way to treat a customer. However I should tell you that during the summer months and holidays retail stores do hire a lot of new employees who they sometimes neglect to train properly; usually they hire so many because the more employees you have the more payroll you get and you only have to schedule them like once a month.

I should also tell you that in most retail stores the manager on duty is not allowed to ring, this is so that they don't have to approve returns they themselves ring and is a form to prevent company fraud. However this was not an excuse to treat you the way they did.

My suggestion is that you find out the email of their regional manager, they have to give you this information, and email him/her telling them in detail how bad your experience was and how you felt being judged by the employees.

I hope you still have your receipt cause you can give then the info and they can find out who was working that day and make sure they get at least a talk to.

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