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My 14 year old daughter purchased a blouse and a skirt with cash at Hollister Co store in North Point Mall, Alpharetta, GA two weeks ago. She shops at this store regularly. Last Wednesday, October 12, 2011, despite having receipt and unworn clothes that did not fit, store manager "Oscar" refused to give her back cash for the exchange difference because they had no tags on them. "Oscar" implied that she could be trying to return fake Hollister clothes. He refused my request to speak to his manager and his rag-tag bunch of associates goaded him on when I asked him why not.

Hollister clothes is branded merchandise AND there is no other Hollister Co store for many miles around, if at all in the rest of GA. "Oscar" threatened to throw me out the store because I insisted on speaking with his manager.

All this resulted in a very unpleasant experience for my daughter who loves to shop at Hollister. The customer service I received from this store was of the dumpter variety, and I've turned this experience into a lesson for my daughter: Do not shop at stores that do not value you as a customer.

Hollister Co is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, which is no stranger to lawsuits concerning bigotry and unfair business practices; lawsuits that have cost them multimillions of dollars. I suppose my daughter's and my experience was more 'Business as usual' for a company dedicated to their "Look Policy" as it concerns customers. Black is still not in fashion at Hollister Co!

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I agree with the fact that some Hollister Associates may be younger and therefore a bit more arrogant or inexperienced. But it's common sense to return something with a tag.

I don't know a store that will return your item without a tag and only a receipt. To say that this is bigotry against blacks, that gave me a good laugh, cause alot of blacks buy from Hollister in NYC, and alot of my coworkers tell me how much they love it there.


I agree with you torsdag! I shop a lot at hollister and the employees are morons.

I mostly shop online now to avoid them. I had bought some shirts but decided I didn't like the way they fit so I returned them WITH THE TAGS on. The "employee" accused me of wearing them and even smelled the shirts.

They're 30 dollar shirts, get over yourself. I emailed the company and they apologized and sent me a coupon.


To the person named "I agree". You are an ***.

First off, clearance tables (the one you were shopping at)get hammered all day because of cheap *** people like yourself. It is extremely difficult to keep them maintained. Second, an associate has no control over the fact that people grab a full priced shirt, and throw it wherever they want when they decide they don't want it - so shirts sometimes end up in the wrong spot. Third, a good associate knows the prices of items without having to scan them, to give you a price check.

But an associate cannot just "make up a price", once you scan the shirt it tells you the price. Thats it. I cant try to sell you a shirt for more then it's worth, and even if I could, the money would go toward the store. I can't "make more money for myself".

I had rude, ignorant costumers like you who don't realize the are certain things that are not in my power to do. Prices are set in stone.

Grand Junction, Tennessee, United States #446139

i work at hollister at north point and i was one of the associates who laughed in your face that night. lady you are CRAZY and INSANE and you belong in a crazy home.

you didnt mention in your compliant above that you were cursing and threatning us and you through a cup of coffee at us and your 14 yearold daughter was soooo embarrised by your behavior that she apoligized for the way you were embarising her and for the way you treated us. thats really sad when your daughter is more mature than her mother. Yeah oscar didnt get the store manager to speak to you because our store manager wasnt even at work and she wouldnt have came into work just to speak to a crazy lady like yourself.

we had to call security on you bc you wouldnt leave our store after we asked you nicely many times, your were cursing at 17 and 18 yearolds, you through a cup of coffee at us behind the register, and you were threatning us. so next time you get on here to complain about god knows what make sure you mention all the crazy *** you did to us that night and not just post what we did to you.


Bigotry? Maybe next time you need to teach your daughter to keep the tags attached.

If customers took the time to read these things there wouldn't be so many problems. And to the guy above, sometimes they can't control when customers place items that are full priced on the on a clearance table, esp.

when the store is slammed with customers. If you can't afford a 15 dollar shirt then take your business to Walmart.


I am a white guy and I was shopping at the store in roanoke va once.They had shirts just throw all over a table.I mean these shirts were 2 feet high piled up not folded.There were several signs saying sale.I had just bought a shirt from this table 1 week before and only paid 5 dollars.I picked up a shirt from the pile and went to the cashier and asked how much it was.He said where did you get it and I told him.He did not even scan it he just said it was 15 dollars.I had bought the same shirt just one week ago in a different color for only 5 dollars and now later in the season it was back to 15?? No he just quoted me a price off his head trying to make more money for the store or himself.I went back one week later and all these shirts were folded and neatly stacked on the table.I suppose someone else called their corp office.I did notice many others complaining about how this was a mess.


:cry :cry :( :( :? :? :sigh :sigh


you're a *** *** who doesn't know ***

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