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order # 20180058119 i will be posting this on my social media sites as well. i just want to let you know about the recent experience i've had with hollister which was terrible.

i shop at hollister 1-2 times a month and have been shopping with you guys for about two years straight now. i placed an online order august 5 and the estimate ship to store was august 10. i called the store and spoke with someone august 10 because i never received an email it was ready for pick and was told by an associate (a girl) at the store that it would be arriving on the 13th. the 13th came and i never heard anything so i then called the store back again and a different associate from the 1st time told me that my order was the only one messed up by fedex, apparently it had fell off the truck and they ran over it.

the associate (a guy) told me that fedex would overnight the package again to replace the order and i would receive an email when it was ready. i received an email on august 18th stating my order was ready for pick up. i went to the hollister store august 20th that sunday in crabtree mall in raleigh nc and the same associate i spoke with on the phone said only part of it was there and he wasn't sure what was going on or where the order was but he would call customer care to find out and give me a call back that same day. i never heard anything else so i called the store back again august 23rd and spoke with the store manager, speaking with her she seemed like she didn't really know what was going on and said nothing was there but that they get orders delivered around 9:45am and she would give me a call back, nothing never heard from her.

so at this point i'm very frustrated and irritated about this order. i call customer care frustrated explaining everything that has been going on with this order and the associates who helped me from that store, and the agent lets me know he doesn't see ANYTHING called in about my order at all and that all he sees is it was refunded to me. now i'm really upset because i'm going back and forth with this store for weeks about an order they claimed that they placed or called to get re-ordered or whatever and they didn't at all. why lie and have me go through all of this when i could've just re-ordered it myself from the beginning when i was told it was damaged???

now its an issue because i'm trying to re-order it and what do you know it's sold out.

like i said before i've been shopping with you guys for two years and the way they handled this last order i'm not so sure i will continue to do so and i definitely won't be dealing with the crabtree location anymore, i will take my business to triangle town center even though that is a 20min drive from my house instead of a 3min drive to crabtree. also if any of the associates have an issue or claim they didn't talk to me or the conversations didn't go the way i just stated, everytime i called the store i called from the work phone and the calls were recorded.

Review about: Hollister Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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