I have been Hollister's customer for since, until recently last two visits that make no sense at all.

1. I was in line at Las Vegas fashion outlet for a purchase. It has no signs of where line should begin. I lined up behind a gal has already been waiting. To be courtesy, I should not be forming my own line, don't you think. After a few minutes wait, and more people are lining up behind me. All suddenly a sales representative calling everyone that the line should be starting on the other side of the other register. Everyone are now running to get ahead on the other side. What is this ??

2. Again, a day after. I went to Hollister at Santa Anita for a return. I was the first person in line waiting for a register that is ringing up a customer. All suddenly, another customer came and form a different line. When the busy register finished ringing up the customer, She told me to line up behind the other line. What the *** is this ?? I told those girls that I will report them. They can't even give out their name (even the manager).

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