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I went Shopping in Hollister in Serramonte, Daly City, CA, (May 18, 2013 @ 4:19 PM) i saw a white dress in the rack. I was looking for a right size.

I ask one of the sales representative if there's a small size and she said what's there is the only one they have. When I looked up in display same dress that I want, I asked her if can check if there' s size that i want. She told me in an arrogant way, no you can' t because even if there's a size you can't have it 'cause that's only display. I said "excuse me?

What's the use of that display trying to sell your product if the costumer want but they cannot have it? "Yes" and she repeated the same sentence to me, that's the ccompany' s property and walk away and continue what she' s doing. I walk away and looking for another representative, I went back to and I asked her name, she said the're not allowed to give there name, another sales representative approached me again and same conversation, we have .. I can look at the dress in display but I can't have 'cause it the company's property and she keep arguing with me and both of them are keep arguing, the next lady finally give her name "KRISTAL".

I told her what kind of costumer service you have you should be trained not arguing with your costumer and you have please your costumer, I'm not asking extraordinary request. In some big stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Macy's the'll try everything to please you and they don't argue, the'll even take out there display if you want just to accommodate you if it's not to much. In there display they have 3 to4 dresses in display and its not that high and the way they said it is not acceptable.

I'm in costumer service also but never argue, whether they are right or wrong, I just listen and try me best to accommodate clients.

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Hi there,

I just wanted to apologize for your experience at Hollister. I will admit that those girls handled the situation very poorly and I am truly sorry about that.

However, I also wanted to give you some feed back. The articles of clothing on display are actually attatched together through the middle, they are made specifically for display and then generally if you would like an article of clothing we would radio to the back to see if they have the size you were looking for. If there is none you couldn't have taken the display even if it was your size because there would be a hole in the middle of it from the attatchment.

I'm sorry they couldn't have communicated this better. :cry

Georgetown, Texas, United States #653275

how can you be in customer service if you can't

even spell it correctly?

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